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Regular attendance is a cornerstone of DNA's effectiveness. Members are allowed three absences per quarter. After a member's third absence, they receive a warning call from the DNA leadership.


A DNA member is counted as absent if:

  1. They miss a weekly meeting.
  2. They arrive any time after the 60-second business promotions begin (roughly 7:35-40am).
  3. They leave the meeting before the conclusion of that week's Ten Minute Presentation.


If a member incurs a fourth absence during a quarter they're placed on the non-active DNA Member list and cannot represent their business at DNA. However, they may choose to have their name placed on the new Substitute List and represent another DNA Member if needed for substitution. After 90 days a non-active member may re-apply for DNA Membership. Their industry category will not be held open during this 90 day period.


If a non-active member is re-instated after the 90 day period and they again incur three absences during a quarter, they will not be allowed to substitute or re-apply for DNA membership.


DNA members with perfect attendance throughout the quarter will be entered into a drawing for a prize (approximately $50 in value) held at the start of the next quarter. Substitutes are allowed to count toward perfect attendance (though a substitute cannot be another active DNA member).



UPDATED 6/21/17

A full update of DNA's policies will be posted here in July 2017.

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